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News Items from July 2017

Got drought? Let the Drought Impact Reporter know

detail of Drought Impact Reporter home page showing map of US and dozens of impacts being reported in MT, ND and SD

U.S. Drought Monitor authors use multiple sources of data and monitoring information to build the map each week, including reports on local drought impacts. The most effective way to communicate those impacts is through the Drought Impact Reporter....Read the article

Exceptional drought expands in Northern Plains

US Drought Monitor map of Missouri River Basin for July 25, 2017 shows abnormal dryness and drought conditions affecting more than 70% of the region

The Dakotas and eastern Montana have seen drought worsen rapidly since April. NIDIS partners in the Missouri River Basin Drought Early Warning System (DEWS) have ramped up their communications efforts in response.Read the article

QuickDRI alerts farmers, fire managers to impending drought

map of continental US shows "wetter" and "drier" locations

This new tool analyzes four drought indicators – precipitation, soil moisture, vegetation health and evaporative moisture loss from plants — all at once to better "see" drought conditions emerge before traditional drought-monitoring tools.Read the article