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Where can I find information about…

… data that go into drought-related products?

You can locate data and data sources highlighted in the Drought Portal by area, location, or parameter through the Data Search tool.

… where to contribute ideas or information about helping with the drought?

Most water resource and drought response groups in the U.S. are managed or addressed at the state or sub-state level. For a specific state, contact the agency listed under the “related links” sidebar on that state’s page. Links to state pages are here. If you cannot find an appropriate source, use the “Contact Us” page and we will help you.

…the U.S. Drought Monitor?

Visit our Current Conditions page to access the current Drought Monitor, or go to the Drought Monitor site for detailed information and past maps. 

…talking to someone about the article or story I am writing?

Please visit our Contact page.

…the NIDIS Program or what you are doing in my area?

The “What is NIDIS?” page has information about the program. If you still have questions, please use our Contact page to direct your query.

… drought in my region?

Information on current and past status of drought is available for NIDIS regional Drought Early Warning Systems (DEWS), six climatic regions and each state in the Regions section. DEWS pages provide in-depth coverage of certain basins or locations, including information about forecasts, impacts, water supply, soil moisture, drought planning, stakeholder lists, events and more.

… specific drought impacts like wildfire?

The Data, Maps & Tools section contains links to graphics, charts and other resources which address various topics, including current conditions, outlooks and forecasts, soil moisture, vegetation conditions, temperature, precipitation, past droughts, fire, water supply and others. There is also a selection of interactive tools whereby you can customize information for a certain location, time period or set of conditions.

… upcoming webinars?

To sign up for a specific webinar or find links to past webinars go to the Webinar page.

… a presentation from a workshop or conference I attended?

Use the Event Search to select the workshop you attended, by providing information about when and/or where the event took place. Presentations from workshops will be posted on the Event page.

… a report or two-pager?

Use the Document Search tool to indicate the type of document, a word or two from the title, the author, approximate date and/or any other information you recall. The tool should direct you to relevant materials.